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Business Logistics

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Business Logistics

ezTruck provides end-to-end business logistic solutions. ezTruck supports businesses from sourcing raw materials to product delivery to customers. This is considered supply chain management and it is a broad business procedure. ezTruck helps in every step to support businesses.

Security from Start to Finish

Every supply chain is unique, and so are your business requirements. We understand it, which is why we are committed to being an integrator of end-to-end logistics services. This implies offering different solutions that can cater to your every individual supply chain need. Experience the comfort of end-to-end deliveries with just a single partner, and make your supply chain work to your competitive advantage.

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1 . Pickup and drop anywhere within the city

Choose your pickup & drop location from within the city

Download the ezTruck app on

2 . Choose vehicle of your choice

Get quotes for vehicles which can carry from 20 kgs to 2000 kgs and book instantly without any waiting

3. Do the work

Arrive at the pickup location at the requested time and help move and deliver the customer's items.

4. Get paid

zTruck bills the customer on your behalf and direct deposits payment into your account for a job well done!