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This vehicle has a large payload capacity of 10 tonnes approximately. Suitable for carrying heavy construction goods and light mining services.

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We have a base fare of ₹931 for large truck with the lowest charge of ₹26 per kilometer. Our rate per minute is ₹6 which will be chargeable after 30minute of waiting time.

Large Trucks in Bhubaneswar|ezTruck Logistics
We have Tata ultra, tata ace gold, Eicher pro 2049,Tata 709, Tata 710 LPT, AL partner (4w,6w), Tata T7 ultra, Eicher pro 2059 XP, Tata 912, in our 3 wheelers category. Where you can make a choice accordingly.

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Online Logistics Services|ezTruck
Three Weelers Bhubaneswar|ezTruck Logistics


This is a light commercial vehicle with a capacity of 600kg approximately. Suitable for carrying civil, domestic goods, and house/office Shifting.
Tata Ace Bhubaneswar|ezTruck Logistics


This mini-truck usually has a loading capacity of 1.2 tonnes approximately. Suitable for carrying domestic goods,and house/office Shifting.
Mahindra Pick Up|ezTruck Logistics


These are mostly spacious & have a loading capacity of 2 tones approximately. Capable of carrying construction goods domestic goods, house/office Shifting.